Corporate Gym Memberships

Ask companies what they are doing to improve the health of their workforce and many respond that they offer a corporate gym membership.

In an era where growth of the cost of health care is surpassing nearly every other business expense, corporate gym memberships are changing the health of both your employees and your business.

Did you Know over 70% of Healthcare Costs are Preventable

A recent study by the AHA (American Heart Association said that pre-mature illness is  mainly associated with cardiovascular disease like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.  Pre-mature illness in the workplace cost up to 32 Billion per years

 How does this impact YOUR Company?

The main benefit that providing a wellness program for your company is lower health care costs.  Although this is enticing enough to start offering a corporate membership benefit.  Some of the other benefits include, greater productivity & morale and reduced absentees.  The calculated return on investment have reach double digit decreases in hospital admissions, sick leave, disability claims or days and per capita workers compensation costs.

Corporate Wellness: Many organizations recognize the value of their employees’ health. Contact our program director at 541-484-0970 to inquire about your employer’s status or to enroll your business. These are just a few of the companies that entrust International Fitness with their corporate wellness requirements.

They’ll get the benefits of exercise, and you’ll get all the benefits associated with more productive employees.

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